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DO NO HARM (2020)

“...genre-fluid and difficult to categorize should be read as a compliment. The album is too big to fit in a single box and therefore best left to be enjoyed by all, on its own considerable merits.” 

- Americana UK

“feels like the bleeding edge of a breakthrough, a country-rock dream machine somewhere between a jolt and a drift.” 

- Bandcamp

“The Deer deliver a mature and well-crafted album of enveloping transcendental folk to get lost inside.” 

- Glide Magazine

The Deer: Tempest & Rapture (2016)

The Deer's 2016 album “Tempest & Rapture” marries their brand of moody Southern Gothic with symphonic psychedelia. It’s split into two stylistic realms: the first side is rooted in muddy folk and surf-country, and the other side wanders far out in a dream-pop and psych-rock wilderness - all with their distinctly curious and incantational poetic content printed within. It’s their largest album, boasting 17 tracks on gorgeous 180-gm bottle-green vinyl; a double LP to house its gigantic sound. It saw the return of guest collaborator Roger Sellers, and guest string players Dennis Ludiker and Noah Jeffries (who would soon become a full-on Deer). The jacket design by Grace Rowland features her cut-paper artwork, and ranked among Austin Music Industry Awards’ Top 5 Best Album Art category last year. The Deer were also runners-up a second time for the Austin Music Awards’ Best Folk Band.


Produced By The Deer & Grant Johnson
Recorded at Nine Grey Clouds Studios, Cacophony Recorders, & 5th Street Studios in Austin, TX
Engineered by Michael McLeod & Grant Johnson
Auxiliary Engineering on 5, 7, & 15 by Evan Kleineke
Album Art by Grace Rowland

GRACE ROWLAND  Vocals, Keyboards
JESSE OTIS DALTON  Bass, Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
ALAN ECKERT  Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Vocals, 
NOAH JEFFRIES  Fiddle, Mandolin

ROGER SELLERS  Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Piano
LLOYD MAINES  Pedal Steel on “Intonation”
GRANT JOHNSON Tape & Synth Effects
CODY JOHNSON  Oven Timer on “Do Return”

℗ THE DEER 2016 ©


In 2013 they suffered the devastating loss of dear friend and band member Stephanie Bledsoe to an accident on her farm. The group galvanized under the name The Deer, and collaborated on songs celebrating her memory for their second release, "On the Essence of the Indomitable Spirit" (2015). Dark with a tinge of hope, it features special guests Dennis Ludiker (Asleep at the Wheel), Roger Sellers (Bayonne), Trevor Smith (Wood & Wire), Karl Kummerle, and Noah Jeffries (MilkDrive). 


This album is dedicated to the enduring memory of Stephanie Bledsoe (1985-2013). May the good influences and ideas of our dear departed continue to spread like wildflowers.


Recorded at:
Nine Grey Clouds Studios at Johnsonville,
Uncle Tone’s Strickland Space,
Falcon Ledge Studios in Austin,
and The Dollhouse in San Marcos, TX

Engineered by Michael McLeod & Michael Schaffer

Mixed at 5th Street Studios & Falcon Ledge Studios by

Michael Schaffer & Michael McLeod

Mastered at Suite Blue Studios by Cameron Kerr

Produced by The Deer:
Grace Rowland
Michael McLeod
Jesse Dalton
Alan Eckert

All Songs © The Deer Ⓟ Owl Bum Records 2015 
Artwork by Grace Rowland

The Deer: On the Essence...(2015)

These recordings were the foundation of the band that is now known as "The Deer." What began as the solo recording project of singer/songwriter Grace Rowland (formerly Grace Park), the group formed its core membership in 2012 under the band name Grace Park & The Deer, and released "An Argument for Observation." The songs have a dark, folky feel; eerily lilting melodies with unexpected subjects like stalking, mysterious neighbors, and violent clashes. Borne of Austin's burgeoning music scene in 2012, Grace sat down with friend and studio engineer Michael McLeod  to record a collection of her songs. They had all of their music friends over to Maryann Rose's Clarksville compound and Elizabeth & Leigh Ann's back house to record some vocals, violins and other nonsense. Friends like Dennis Ludiker (Asleep at the Wheel), Doctor Sick (Squirrel Nut Zippers), Trevor Smith (Wood & Wire), Kyle Robertson (Good Field), David Moss (The Blue Hit, The Brother Brothers), Raina Rose, Rebecca Loebe, Sarah Stricklin, Karl Kummerle, Brenna Manzare, Stephanie Bledsoe (1985-2013), and yes, even Jesse Dalton and Alan Eckert. Through the recording process they found a spark lit by natural chemistry, on and off the stage, and they began performing and touring together with alternating guests - some of whom ended up becoming permanent members.  Grace’s screen-printed cover art would later be a finalist for 2014 Austin Music Industry Awards’ Best Album Art.

The Deer: An Argument for Observation (2013)
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